We Are Committed

Coronovirus update March 23, 2020:


As of this morning, All American Balloons is still operational for all ship outs and zero contact curb side pickup. Customers are no longer permitted in the show room to help support social distance protocol with the employees. Our cleaning and sterilizing protocols remain the same and everyone here remains healthy and symptom free.

We choose to stay open at this time because we want to support our customers in expanding zero contact home delivery to help brighten the lives of everyone who has been isolated and will remain so for an indefinite period. We understand that our industry brings happiness and joy and can be a conduit for keeping us together when we are apart.

In addition to our local community here in North Texas, we want to reassure our customers, whether or not they are in affected areas, that we will continue to ship your orders. Although activity here is limited for the time being, we do not want to negatively affect businesses outside this area as well. We have seen those who are reaching out to their local communities for support and are focusing on zero contact delivery, as well as those who are focusing their efforts into online streaming of education and entertainment.

It is heartening to see teachers from Dallas/Ft. Worth area schools driving by students houses to wave at them from a distance with balloons on their cars. These mini parades are doing much to lift the spirits of children that have been suddenly removed from so many important social and educational environments and are trying to quickly salvage what they can through distance learning.

It brings us hope to see so many balloon artists online continuing to spread happiness through zero contact home delivery. The industry is standing up and streaming love and support for our industry and our communities. They will find a way to keep doing what we do, they are an extraordinary group of people who garner so much talent and creativity and are fully aware of their ability to bring smiles and comfort when times seem dark.

Finally, we want to thank our customers so much for their continued support. It gives us the resources to maintain our awesome All American customer service team so that when we do come out of this we will be ready. When we do come out of this, I know that we and everyone else are going to be ready for the biggest party ever!

With thoughts of hope, kindness, and sincerity from our team,

Cheryl, Chrystal, Kim, Samantha, Sandy, David, Deborah, Genesis, Sean, Jason, Trevor, Morgan, and Stephanie.

Coronavirus (covid-19)