Have you ever placed an order and realized after finalizing the payment that you forgot something? Yeah, we have too. We understand that times can be frustrating and mistakes can be made. Unfortunately due to the current status, we no longer will be accepting add-ons or modifications to any orders once they have been placed. Here is the easiest way add the forgotten products to your order by placing a second one:

  • Add all of the desired products to your cart for your new order.
  • When checking out, be sure to specify in the Notes that you would like to combine this order with a your previous order by referencing the order number. (For directions on using the "Order instructions," click here)
  • Near the bottom of the screen will be the "Delivery" section. Choose "Pick up" on the right tab (so you aren't charged an additional shipping fee).
  • Complete your purchase.


Once we receive your order, we will do everything we can to combine your orders together. Keep in mind that this will delay your shipping time. You will also be charged for the difference if combining the orders increases the price of the shipping. Thank you so much for understanding, we are working as hard as we can to get everybody's orders out as fast as possible!