As many of you already know, our balloons are purchased uninflated. However, we do have an option for those who need to pick up their balloons already filled upon arrival (Keep in mind that inflation ONLY applies to foil balloons, NOT latex). This is what the "Balloon Inflation" page is for. The following will contain a detailed guide to use it...


Step 1

  • When you add a balloon that your cart that you would like inflated, take note of the size in the title
  • (See example below)


Step 2

  • Make your way to the "Balloon Inflation" page.
  • Select the appropriate size option of helium inflation that corresponds with the size of the balloon you would like to inflate.
  • Click "Add to cart" and do this once for each balloon you would like to have inflated. (See example below)


    Step 3

    • If you have multiple balloons and only need to inflate one or a handful, submit a comment in the "Order instructions" (more details on how to do that can be found here).
    • Specify which balloon/balloons you would like to apply the inflation to.
    • (See examples below)


    You are ready to checkout and finish your order! We will be waiting for your arrival with your balloons inflated attached with a ribbon and balloon weights. Please be mindful of the balloon sizes you purchase and that you arrive with a vehicle appropriate to safely contain your order on the drive home.