You have the ability to order from our website 24 hours a day, but we do have boundaries set in place to efficiently process the orders we receive. Please read below for all information pertaining to Curbside Pickup Orders.

Ordering Time Frame:

When you place a Curbside Pickup order you have the option to pick the order up the same day within the below time frame. When ordering please keep in mind that we are closed Saturday and Sunday; we do not process any Curbside Pickup Orders on Monday. 

  • Order must be placed before 1:00 PM CST
  • Tuesday-Friday all orders placed before 1:00 PM CST will be ready for pickup the same day between 11:00 AM-3:00 PM CST
  • All orders placed after 1:00 PM Tuesday-Friday will be processed the next day and ready for pickup

Curbside Pickup Order Processing Time Frame:

  • Curbside Pickup orders are only processed Tuesday-Friday
  • All orders placed after 1:00 PM on Friday will not be processed until the following Tuesday as we are closed Saturday-Sunday and do not process Curbside Pickup Orders on Monday; the order will be ready for pickup that Tuesday
  • All orders placed after 1:00 PM Tuesday-Friday will be processed the next day and ready for pickup

Curbside Pickup Notifications:

  • After placing your order you will receive a confirmation email including your five digit order number
  • When your order is ready to be picked up you will receive an email notification letting you know your order is ready for pickup
  • You will also receive an automatic email saying your order has been picked up prior to your order being picked; please don't stress your order has not been picked up unless you or an approved person by you has come to our facility with the order number to pick it up
  • We will not give anyone a order without them telling us the name on the order and the order number

Picking Up Your Curbside Order:

  •  Do not come to pickup your order until you receive the Ready for Pickup email notification; if you haven't received this notification your order is not ready for pickup
  • Curbside Orders can be picked up between 11AM-3PM Tuesday-Friday unless you speak to customer service and arrange to pick it up earlier or later (exceptions will me made depending on the circumstances)
  • Call 817-469-9100 when you arrive at our facility to pickup your order; please do not enter the building when you arrive, stay in your car until you have spoken to a customer service representative 
  • You must have the order number and name on the order when you come to pickup or we will not release the order
  • You must sign when you pick up you order as confirmation that you picked it up; if you send someone to pick your order up they will be required to sign for the order and take responsibility for the order

Adding to your Curbside Order:

  • We can not add to an existing order after it has been placed, if you realize you forgot something you will need to place another order 
  • Add in the "order instructions" at checkout that you would like to include the additional items to the first order

 Canceling Curbside Order:

  • In the event that you need to cancel your order please call customer service an speak to a representative
  • If you do not pick up your order within 72 hours, 3 business days, after placing the order, the order will be canceled unless you make us aware of when you plan to pick the order up; we can not store fulfilled orders for long periods of time due to limited space
  • If you can not pick up your curbside order within 72 hours after placing the order you have the option to pay for shipping and have the order shipped to you, just give us a call 
  • If we have to cancel your order due to it not being picked up you will be charged a 10% restocking fee