It is very common while placing orders to request for customized modifications or additions; such as which balloons you would like to have inflated with helium, or requesting to combine your order with a previous purchase for shipping. The best way to leave a special comment about your order before submitting is to leave a note in the "Order instructions." The following will contain a detailed guide to do so...


Step 1

  • When all of your desired products have been added to your cart, select the "Cart" icon at the top right-hand corner of your screen
  • In the drop-down menu, select the blue "View cart" button.
  • (See example below)


Step 2

  • Now you should be viewing the "My cart" menu.
  • One the right side of the screen below the "Total" will be an option titled "Order instructions." Click this button.
  • The "Order instructions" button will drop down with a blank notepad. You can type your comment or special request here.
  • Hit the blue "Save" button below the notepad when finished.
  • (See examples below)


And voilà! Now you have left a customized note in your order. Feel free to use this anytime you would like to leave us any specified information that will help us complete your order to your liking. Thank you!